What we do and what we believe in

Everything we do at JAA is geared towards delivering genuine value for our clients. In the relentless pursuit of this goal we are guided by some simple but fundamentally important principles and beliefs.

Complete Transparency

Unlike our competitors, we have the flexibility to plan and buy your media in any combination. We categorically do not participate in agency deals which means that we can deliver the optimum media plan for your brands without any compromises.

Agency deals exist for the benefit of the agency, not the client. We refuse to enter into them because they are based on guaranteeing media owners a pre-agreed expenditure share across the agency’s total client portfolio – whether it suits each client or not.

Three reasons why agency deals are bad for clients:

1. The agency controls how the value is allocated. Not surprisingly the best value tends to get allocated to their largest and most competitive clients.

2. Agencies over-promise. They then look for any excuse to ‘claw back’ the value from clients. Any change in campaign details (postponements, late commitment, format changes etc.) results in a penalty.

3. Media ‘kickbacks’ are paid to agencies if they hit certain volume or share targets. These are not disclosed to clients and can mean that fees are ‘low-balled’ as the agency is getting paid by the media owner.

In short, you can never be sure that the right media plan is being recommended to you if your agency has incentives to spend money with certain media owners rather than others. We have never operated this way and never will. We promise that you will always get a media plan that is tailor-made for you, aggressively negotiated and implemented at the lowest possible cost. To prove it we are one of the very few media agencies in the UK that offers an ‘open book’ policy.


We believe that it is absolutely vital to work collaboratively with your team. When we say your team, we mean not only your marketing team, but also all of your other agency suppliers including your creative agency, PR agency, call-centre agency or other specialists.

We have always enjoyed very good relationships with creative agencies. When we first launched in 1978 we were the media agency of choice for some of the biggest creative agency start-ups of the era, which included Lowe Howard-Spink and WCRS. In later years, we were the preferred media agency for BBH, HHCL and Leagas Delaney. Working closely with creative agencies is part of our DNA. Currently, we work with over forty different creative agencies from large conglomerates to smaller independents/start-ups and freelancers.

We promise to work clearly, fairly and co-operatively with your other agency suppliers.

Agility – The Power of the Planner/Buyer

At JAA, everyone is fully skilled across all media disciplines from television to search. This ensures that you can benefit from a more rounded viewpoint.  As there are no media silos, it also makes us far more agile than any of our rigidly structured competitors. ‘Realtime’ planning and buying is what we have been practicing since we first launched.

A Results Orientated Point of View

In an age where self-styled media gurus and commentators proclaim “x media is dead”; “it’s all about engagement”; “native advertising is the future”; “big data is the future” etc, it is often difficult to recognise the signal from the noise.

We are comfortable working with ‘big data’ and invest significant amounts into syndicated and bespoke research. We also have an analytics department which helps us refine our direct-response campaigns. Ultimately, it requires knowledge and experience to be able to reveal insights from data that can then be used and deployed swiftly to deliver competitive advantage for brands.

At JAA, you will always have experienced people overseeing your business. They always offer a clear point of view. We have one of the lowest staff turnover ratios in the industry.

We promise to give you a clear point of view based on a combination of experience and knowledge.