Develop and maintain a conversation with a key audience


Action For Children launched a new brand image and positioning. They needed to relaunch the charity to a key audience (ABC1 parents). This wasn’t just about building awareness.  The charity wanted to communicate clearly its role and the need it was serving.


Research and analysis showed The Guardian reached our target audience very effectively. We quickly realised a cross-platform partnership offered many benefits:

  • A fantastic deal that added 50% more value over negotiated market rates
  • The ability to have a high frequency campaign and therefore a longer, deeper conversation

Many creative executions ran, highlighting different roles of the charity, culminating in a 5 page sequential ad placement.

We used Digital media to support each different phase of the campaign.


From a very low level, ad recall increased to 34% among ABC1 parents.

The depth of the conversation meant 42% of people exposed to the ads confirmed they were likely to support the charity, a 55% increase on the pre-campaign score.

And because of the campaign performance, what started as a 3 month partnership was extended to a full year.