Reach new and current dealers to drive consideration and usage


Encourage dealers to upsell  Autoglym LifeShine when selling cars.

Reaching dealers is generally straightforward, but it was even more important to reach their employees.  We had to find a way to identify them in a format that we could then serve them relevant ads.


In partnership with Blis (mobile location and behavioural advertising specialists) we looked at the amount of times a device is ‘seen’ at a dealership, identifying the user as an employee.

We combined this with real time location data, content and demographic data to build highly relevant audiences who we could then advertise to.


We delivered thousands of relevant clicks, averaging 2.5 per dealership.  Interest in LifeShine increased and consequently so did sales.

Following this success we’ve applied the same strategy, identifying customers going into dealerships and advertised to them with similar success.