British Airways linked marketing programme


While well known, people are less likely to immediately think of the Cayman Islands as a luxury holiday destination.  Working with British Airways we had to find a way to change that.


We worked closely with the creative agency on the strategy and later its tactical deployment.  The aim was to entice and intrigue potential travellers and encourage them to go to the Cayman Islands website.

12 short films were developed and deployed on social media showing glimpses of holiday experiences.

Using Facebook we segmented our audience to match the deals BA were offering.

Those who we had engaged were sequentially retargeted with similar, longer form content.


We achieved a click-through rate of 1.66%, making this the most impactful social media campaign for the Cayman Islands ever.

In addition to the high level of engagement, hundreds of positive comments, likes & shares were generated.

All this interest translated into lots of people flying to the Cayman Islands.  British Airways exceeded their bookings target by 32%.