Launch new book to multiple audiences


Diabetes UK had created a fantastic book for people living with diabetes. We needed to make diabetics aware of it.

We wanted to reach two wider audiences as well:

  • Friends and family of diabetics
  • People who were more likely to become diabetic in the future

We used a mix of high impact TV spots and hard working DRTV, to build awareness fast amongst a broad audience and drive response.

This included ITV1, More4, E4, Sky Sports, Sony Movies, Your TV and Geo News.

The TV was complemented with print and social media channels, to extend the reach of the campaign to more specific audiences.


The 24,823 target for campaign responses, was smashed when the first TV spot delivered an unprecedented 32,000 responses. All targets were achieved in the first week. By the end of the campaign:

  • 592% more responses
  • 62% more book orders
  • 574% more new opted-in contacts
  • Double the normal membership conversion rate