Nudging men into taking more responsibility for their drinking and their health


Half of middle aged men drink two and a half times the recommended alcohol limit.

We had to find a way to convey that drinking everyday adds up and will result in health problems.


We wanted to reach them and also get them involved.

Drive-time radio (e.g. Absolute, LBC & TalkSport) has that reach, but a relevance as well – we could ask them to reflect on what they drank last night.

Performance digital advertising was used to then drive them to an interactive online tool where they could input their weekly drinking habits and assess their level of risk, as well as providing tailored support and advice on alcohol reduction.


During the campaign there were 180,000 unique visits to the website and over a third used the interactive tool.

Most importantly 40% of those who used the tool claim they are now actively reducing their drinking.