Launch a new Legacy proposition


Macmillan already had an established Legacy programme offering a discounted will writing service.  The question was could we increase registrations?  It was decided to test a free will writing proposition.  The challenge for us was could we generate a high enough number of leads to justify the additional costs?


Clearly we had to generate impact to communicate this was a new proposition.

And we had to generate a significant volume of enquiries leading to registrations.

Given our experience of DRTV in this sector and within the existing Macmillan programme, we used this as the primary medium.

To complement the heavyweight DRTV campaign, we supported it with print in publications like Bella, Chat, House Beautiful, Puzzler and Stella, to amplify the activity and drive additional leads.


Results were much higher than we and Macmillan expected

We generated five times the number of web registrations we had estimated, resulting in a CPA (Cost Per Action) 82% below target.

Given the success of this initiative it is being expanded over the next year.