Finding millions of people who’d make time for a coffee morning


From the beginning it was about reaching a mass audience, but one disposed to charity involvement, and then capturing their imagination.

Given we are talking about cancer and its effect on peoples’ lives, we moved away from an inherited strategy of empathetic women’s colour press to more impactful, emotionally engaging media.


TV became the primary medium – a substantial commitment and vote of faith from the charity.

With 65% of registrations online, we deployed our analysis software.  It allowed us to track, analyse and react fast, with a fluid approach to budget deployment across TV, print, radio and OOH.


In year 1 ROI increased fourfold for the same budget.

Since then our Continuous Test & Refine Strategy has enabled roll out to new target markets, increasing volumes even further.

Coffee Morning has become the second largest charity fundraising event in the UK.  Last year it generated just under £30m for the charity.