Change attitudes and behaviour towards diet


NCP are concerned that often women don’t pay a lot of attention to their diet.  This has longer term consequences for health.  We wanted to persuade more women to take responsibility for their diet.


We conducted segmentation research that identified two of the most at risk audiences; women 30-50 C2DE and when they have children.

We developed a campaign in partnership with Tesco tailored to reach both audiences with a twofold strategy:

  • Clear targeting to build awareness and prompt action
  • Scale and frequency to encourage long term behavioural change

The campaign has now run over five phases starting with national print and radio to generate awareness and action, followed by focussed personal digital media to achieve frequency and engagement.


We’ve reached 35.4million adults, 6.8 times and crucially…

Inspired 1.1 million women to take action to change their lifestyle:

  • Getting more information
  • Signing up to goals e.g. exercise regimes
  • Downloading healthy recipes
  • Joining classes