Child Sponsorship Campaign


While DRTV was delivering for the charity, their small digital program was relying heavily on both retargeting and PPC (Pay Per Click) to convert. With no prospecting it wasn’t bringing in any new users and costs had started to rise as volume diminished. We relaunched their social media activity as part of a wider digital overhaul.


Child sponsorship is high value regular giving based on a supporter’s relationship with an individual child.

Our approach was based on the insight that there is a more extended online journey from initial interaction to final conversion, than for a normal Direct Debit donor. We adapted the standard Awareness, Consideration and Conversion funnel approach and mapped this across a longer journey utilising channels and formats depending on where the user was in their journey.

We changed the focus to looking at digital as a single entity with an overall target and CPA (Cost Per Action) and added in Programmatic Display activity driving new audiences to their website.


The number of monthly sponsors directly attributable to social media doubled.

We were able to prove that Facebook also contributed further sponsors that entered the funnel via other digital channels.

What that meant for the charity overall was, because all the media channels have a ‘ripple effect’ on each other, the number of sponsors increased by 157%