Reaching new animal lovers who are prepared to actively support the RSPCA


RSPCA were looking to find new ways to engage with animal lovers.

They had diversified their online product range.

We needed to get it known and drive opted in sign-ups to their Loves Animals email stewardship programme.


We deployed a number of innovative online propositions across social media channels celebrating people’s love for their pets, including:

  • A quiz; ‘Which loveable pet are you most like?’
  • Animal photo frame generator
  • ‘Make your pet a star’ video uploader

In its first burst we scored tens of thousands of opted in user sign-ups to the Loves Animal’s email programme.

As well as the volume of registrations we focused on cost per participant.  For example the RSPCA’s quiz achieved an incredible sub £2 cost per opted in sign-up.

Activity received huge amounts of positive feedback and engagement on social media, with over 54k people liking, reacting, commenting or sharing posts  on Facebook.