Maximising income to fund vital projects


The Regular Giving Program is one of the key sources of income for Save the Children.

The challenge is to maintain real time income (inflation adjusted) each year in a charity sector that is becoming more and more competitive.


For the last eight years we have utilised a classic direct response discipline, with innovative twists.

It started as a small DRTV (Direct Response TV) program and has expanded into one of the biggest in this sector. Over 150 TV channels have featured with the programme extending out beyond ‘traditional’ weekday daytime into peak and other dayparts.

Innovation has included reaching out to ethnic and faith populations.

We constantly optimise the campaign looking at attribution, attrition, the effect of different ‘calls-to-action’ and products.


Since we started we have always hit our targets and more.

To date Save The Children has recruited more than 425,000 donors of all types via our core DRTV & Emergency programmes.

Which has generated more than £90m for the charity.