EURO 2024: Are you backing an underdog?

By Ross Watson, Planner Buyer

As we countdown to Euro 2024, I’m taking a look at some of my favourite ads so far…

Topps – We are José


In the lead up to the 2024 Euros, renowned football manager José Mourinho is back once again in the Topps headquarters in a new spot from the collectible company. It revolves around the newly launched Topps UEFA Euro 2024 Match Attax cards, where players can face off against their friends and foes in an epic card battle. “We don’t need special effects. The UEFA Euro 2024 Topps Match Attax Cards are special enough,” he declares as he convinces the viewers to buy some packs before closing the spot. The José Mourinho campaign is a series of ads that launched 3 months ago and has a number of creative executions and is currently live across linear TV, VOD and socials.

5/5 – Iconic manager José Mourinho brings his unique style and personality to this latest Topps ad. A popular figure across many countries, he brings the cards to life in the live action skit as the members of the Topps team turn into José. This ad is amusing and creative and grabs people’s attention from the outset.

(Full disclosure I worked on this campaign so obviously it’s getting a big 5 from us!)

Irn-Bru ‘Mannschaft’

‘Mannschaft’ is the German word for football team but in this ad, a Scottish kilt-wearing football fan tells Germany that they are about to see what a Scottish Mannschaft is all about. The advert is the first move in what is set to be a mounting rivalry between Germany and Scotland this month. Scotland open their campaign with a match against the host nation on Friday 14th June.

4/5 – Full of innuendos and German/Scottish stereotypes this ad captures the humour of a nation and the excitement leading up to the tournament. The ad has been received well with the Barr marketing team being praised on socials.

(Full disclosure: I am Scottish!)

Paddy Power ‘Europe’s Favourites’

Paddy Power and Danny Dyer have teamed up to celebrate England as ‘Europe’s favourites’ to win this summer’s biggest football tournament. After years of controversial behaviour abroad and the complications of Brexit, they have taken this opportunity to playfully highlight England’s unique position just two weeks before Euro 2024.

4/5 – Paddy Power team up with the iconic Danny Dyer for a comical football skit highlighting some of the stereotypes England and fans bring to a major tournament. This ad has a nice way of involving people from other countries competing in the tournament and how they view England.

Adidas ‘You Got This’

In anticipation of this summer’s Euros and Copa America tournaments, Adidas brought together some of its top global stars for the summer campaign. It aims to reduce negative pressure that surrounds these huge tournaments. Beyond delivering this important message, the ad also previews upcoming adidas products.

3/5 – This campaign grabs attention as it has the star power featuring David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Jude Bellingham, Florian Wirtz with the backing track Under Pressure by Queen ft. David Bowie. However, it feels like the usual Nike/Adidas campaign that comes out every major tournament. They did not opt for a particularly ground-breaking new idea or take any risks on this one.

As an agency that loves to unleash the potential of underdog brands I’m backing Scotland all the way… well I am a Scot right!?