Cats Protection

Eight Precious Weeks: Interrupting 27,000 kitten purchase journeys through paid search to avoid kittens being taken too soon.


Kittens are being sold online for profit too soon after birth. Torn away from their mothers before they’re even eight weeks old, resulting in dire consequences for their behaviour, health, and survival.

Not all cat purchases are made responsibly, with many exploiting the demand for kittens and selling via unregulated channels. In fact, 39% of cat purchases in 2021 were via 2 websites.

The strategy was simple – interrupt and educate. Firstly, we had to interrupt people who are searching online to buy a kitten and then re-direct them to the Cats Protection website to educate them on the dangers of buying a kitten too soon.

Our disruptive PPC campaign was designed to interrupt user journeys and appear above kitten selling ads to divert as much traffic as possible away from the people selling ‘under-age’ kittens.




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