Cats Protection

Getting the product offering purring. How we transformed charity fundraising through diversifying product offering and channel mix.


We started working with Cats Protection in 2015, it was initially for one product, ‘sponsor a cat’, through one channel, DRTV. The challenge was to grow. Grow the number of donors and ultimately income.

We needed to appeal to a broader audience and offer them different ways to engage and support the charity.

By giving people a range of products we knew we could drive growth. With diversification of product comes diversification of media channel. As a result, Cats Protection have been at the forefront of new media innovation and tests.

Starting with modest budgets, our test, learn and refine approach has helped to broaden the avenues for donors and the ways Cats Protection can reach them. Media plans are bespoke by product, ensuring we reach the right audiences whatever the proposition.




Today we work with Cats Protection on multiple product offerings



Attributed to paid media



Year-on-year investment in media has grown since 2015

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