Overcoming the Cost of Living Crisis for the RSPCA’s Christmas Rescue.


The cost of living crisis has seen a 24% increase in animal abandonments and 7 in 10 pet owners having concerns about being able to afford to feed their pet. This has placed an unprecedented demand on the RSPCA.
The major challenge was whether our existing audiences could support this increased fundraising need.

As our more typical audiences were facing significant financial challenges, we needed to overhaul our strategy to reach different profiles and find new donors.

We identified new high-value audiences and new ways to reach them. We could no longer rely on DRTV to drive income.

We ran a solus AV partnership that incorporated Sky AdSmart, BVoD and One Addressable technology. We became the first charity partner on Netflix’s ad funded platform and trialled Connected TV. The campaign was supported across digital media channels and paid search.




In RG donors year-on-year.


New regular givers

77% of donors came from new, rather than existing supporters.


Still giving in 2025

57% of these donors will still be giving by 2025

A challenging market meant we had to overhaul our usual way of doing things, making us go after new audiences while running on new channels. This meant trialling Netflix as the first charity on the ad funded platform and moving into Connected TV. Both of which were significant changes for a brand like ours that has historically relied on DRTV.

Tracey Pritchard, Director of Engagement & Income Generation, RSPCA

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