Unleashing the power & potential of AI in the charity sector

By Caroline Ayling and Cameron Cumming

How is AI being used in the Third Sector?

AI is now everywhere in our daily lives – from personalisation and chatbots, to image and video generation. But how are charities experimenting with and implementing this new technology, and what might the future hold? 

On Tuesday 2 July we explored the intersection of authenticity, efficiency, and effectiveness in third sector campaigns, through the lens of AI. 

Alongside our friends at Raw London, some fascinating campaigns and case studies were showcased – from concepting and creative activations, through to audience targeting and media buying.

Creative AI Case Studies

Whilst AI is seemingly the hot topic right now there were some early adopters that have created really powerful campaigns that have used AI as a delivery tool. Lauren Songour, Head of Brand Marketing and Planning at Breast Cancer Now presented the Gallery of Hope. Do watch the video it is beautifully shot. WWF showed the the use of AI in their Future of Nature exhibition using AI to imagine the bleak future of UK nature if it continues to be destroyed, and what is possible if we act now.

The overarching theme from these case studies was not that AI made them successful – although that did help with earned media cut-through – but that the AI function, when carefully managed, delivered arresting and thought provoking imagery of the future.

Smart Search: How AI is shaping the future of search

Our very own Nick Smith, Chief Digital Officer, and Zach Shah, Head of Search and eCommerce, provided a 15 min masterclass in what you can and should be doing with your search strategies right now.

Are you Smart Search Ready?

If you are worried that your search strategy might not be making the most of AI functionality and particularly the Google Power Trio get in touch. Our Search Audit offer is an accessible way to get under the hood of your search status and includes a summary of recommendations for moving forward.

Contact Caroline to arrange your search audit.

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